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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reality of One's Actions

I have this friend, G, she is well, simply kind hearted and sweet.  It hasn't been until recently that she and I have reconnected. I had talked to her on a show about two years ago, and was simply amazed with what she did, how talented she was in all that she did.  I don't even think SHE realize how much I admired her for her inner light, her talent and her kindness.

Today, I worried (for her) about something she wrote as a disclaimer on her blog.  Instead of assuming, I went straight to her to talk to her about what she had typed.  Instead of jumping to conclusions on what *I* read from her words, I acted in a mature and adult fashion, and simply asked her. The nice thing, no wrong ideas came about, she was kind and simply told me what her feelings were. I happen to agree with her on her feelings.  Which leads me to understand not only her nature more deeply, but, we understand that if we have questions or are worried or hurt by words, all we need to do is ask.

She's a true blue.  She recognizes the thorough process of her spirituality, just as I do of mine.  Some, they jump into it full swing and they don't think of others that might be the end result or consequence of one's carelessness.  They insist on their prestige and that is dangerous. They don't research, they abuse the system of someone offering advice or small council, then they stand on top of a mountain and proclaim that they see all, know all and can cure all. I wouldn't want to be the one responsible for someone else believing in false "prophecies" if you will.

I will end this post with my tarot reading... Nice!

Sunday, January 16
The Empress
Earth Mother. Creation. A woman constantly full of new ideas and thoughts. A woman who gives new life to herself. A trail blazer. A female presence that is caring and motherly. Fertility. Birth of an idea or new energy. Family issues. Hearth and home. The need to focus on family. Feminine healing. Need to cultivate your own creativity. A woman unto herself, not dependent on a partner for fulfillment. A ruler and leader of others. Motherly-type.

"Be a hand that reaches out. Be a smile for those who have no reason to smile. Be a light for those who live in darkness. Show them what it means to truly love.." ~ Jen

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