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Monday, January 24, 2011

Mainstreaming and Living Simply

I absolutely love being productive.  This house is becoming the epitome of living simply, which thrills me to no end.  With donating, throwing away, and selling, we are not only getting rid of things we don't need, we're giving them to people that can use them, and also helping to pay for the new shower in the master bedroom. THAT is going to rock.. Then, paint, a few wall decorations and a brand new house.

I've started sewing the new curtains, will also replace some of the blinds. Since I won't be here tomorrow, I've asked the hubster to take photos of the progress.  We figure it's going to take a week. Tomorrow after work we'll pick out the brushed silver hardware for the shower, and a new shower door.

Hubby cleaned out a closet, holy smokes, there is so much room now..and, we went through books that we no longer used or needed.  He took the books to half priced books, and with what he got, he bought me a wonderful book on crystals.  Holy smokes, that was extremely sweet and unexpected!

I'm going to bed.. smiling and on my friend Brandi who is really hurting this evening after a surgery (mentally and physically).

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  1. I started the 'great simplicity purge' and 5 days in to it, the ex broke his ankle *grr*

    While I was clearing the clutter and chaos out of my life, I felt SO good... now it's back to feeling confined and out-of-sorts. I know what I want the end result to be. It's driving me batty that I can't quite get there yet (we go back to hosp on 2/16 to see if the cast comes off...if it does, I am FREE and back to purging).

    Keep up the great work. Glad you have such a willing and thoughtful partner in all that!

  2. Thank you young lady! I think it's taken what.. 16 years of getting what we've got to realize that we now want to just be simply and economically, frugal and thrifty. By the way, we are getting a fantastic bargain on materials, as we shopped, not just "Shopped". Everything we bought for the shower has been on clearance or discounted. The gentleman that is doing the work, he's giving us a discount. We wouldn't be able to do it otherwise. But as for the rest.. donating items, selling items, throwing true trash away.. it feels very liberating. I know what you are feeling, because at this point in time, I feel like we can't get their fast enuough and it's frustrating.

    I hope your ex's ankle heals quickly! It has to be driving you crazy!! And yes, I am extremely lucky. It's funny, he's as ambitious as I am.. and it's nearly a competition WHICH is what we often do!

    THANK YOU SUNSHINE! It really does feel VERY freeing!

    HEY! PS! I miss you! I know you are busy and such, but just remember I am here and we'll talk again soon! *HUGS*