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Monday, January 17, 2011

Beautiful Start to a Fresh Week

Outside, it's rainy, and dreary, but it is beautiful.  The temperature is absolutely perfect for staying comfortable in light winter clothing.  The air smells fresh and the misty fog is soothing. I love days like these, believe it or not, even when I am at work.

Speaking of my work, there has been a huge change since October.  I had a very long talk with appropriate people, and I am amazed on how comfortable I fit in now.  I celebrated my tenth year, and feel that I will be here for an even longer time now.  For the longest time, I was so stressed here, and really, not very happy, but now, after much meditation on it, my Spirit Guides have shown me why it was such a struggle before.  I was doing too much for everyone else.

I was giving and giving, with needy people still wanting more and selfishly taking all that they could, and I wasn't replenishing myself with what *I* needed at the time.  The more I would do for them the more they wanted, would take, and then take credit for.

I made a good decision for myself in breaking away from the antagonistic toxic people that were constantly insecure in their own abilities and diffident in their actions.

So, today I have to type up the healing I did last night for a 6 week old puppy (he was SOOO sweet and wonderful!!), finish my trinket (which is already started), work on my costume, write again at lunch, finish typing up Susan's message...  Love it, a solid day of proactive and productive things. 

Tonight, meeting a friend for dinner, we deserve to talk, a lot of things have happened between our last time together and now. Sadly I will have to apologize for other people's actions, and then try to either apologize for mine, or my association with previous people.  I'm adult enough to know that I am not perfect, I will make what I can right between us again.

Until later, I will blog again. Hope everyone is having a wonderful and blessed day!


  1. It was a wonderful day, and a Monday no less! Hope you have fun at your dinner tonight. I think I know exactly who you are referring to regarding your association with previous people... :)

  2. *grins and shakes her head* Yes..Yes.. It was a nice meeting again. Lots discussed. Hopefully hard feelings set aside and moving onward and forward! Thanks girl!