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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wonderful passing..

Nostalgic thoughts..

Lately I have been thinking of moments in time.  Do I miss them? OOH yes.. Do I remember them fondly? Of course I do.  Maybe one of my moments will invoke one of yours.

  • Playing at Burlington Park in Alliance Nebraska, with my brother.
  • Playing games and spending the night at my friend Tanya's grandmother's house out in the country.
  • Eating the best biscuits and gravy at 2am at Country Kitchen.
  • Standing in the parking lot of the apartments in Scottsbluff near the hospital.. snow falling all around me at night.. spinning my arms and wishing I were kissing Jason
  • Getting up at 4am to watch the sunrise in Cornet Heights
  • Camping out at Little Lake Alice
  • Throwing up in American History Class
  • Slobbering over "Menudo" on Tammy's poster
  • Tasting my very first bagel and cream cheese over at Angie's house
  • Locking myself out of the apartment building on Lover's Lane in California
  • Sitting on an airplane for 6 hours two days before Christmas to get Mason back to Nebraska for the holidays
  • Being pregnant with Mason, eating cheese enchiladas at Taco Town
  • Using Veronica as a search engine in 1995 (HAHAH!)

I love having wonderful memories come back to me.

A New Moo


  1. It has been fun lately.. haha now I'm thinking of a dramatic act.. LOL