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Monday, January 10, 2011

Blessed in all ways!

It would appear that since I had such a trying and challenging weekend, it feels as though I have been rewarded today.  Last night, I didn't get much sleep, well, as I wanted, but I believe that all of the activity after closing my eyes made for a peaceful and happy feeling this morning.

I have a dear dear friend that means the absolute world to me, send me a long and detailed message.  Prior to this email, I had sensed the feelings surrounding her, and just sent her a brief message of "I am here if you need to talk".  She is an amazing Empath as well, and didn't realize that she was sending out the vibrations that she was. She deserves wonderful things so I gave her my thoughts and feelings and said I'd do a little soul searching on her behalf.

Last night, I did some wonderful astral traveling (not for very long, or at least that I remember), and had a long discussion with my spirit guides (who were so good to me).  I was able to visit the Akashic Records and .. I'm telling you, I was ten times more productive in my journey last night, than I was all weekend doing housework and chores.  I did ask to remember at least some of the event before coming back, and I remember bits and pieces.  Enough for me to write it down in my journal so that I don't forget.

I asked my spirit guides about my friend and they told me a few things that I truly hadn't thought of, so I will be sending her some of the messages I received.

The snow yesterday was so uplifting.. watching it softly land.

I woke this morning in such a fantastic mood.. I can feel the positivity, the energy, all surrounding me. I have been blessed this morning, I plan on sharing it with my loved ones.


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