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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Such a Beautiful Day

Upon looking outside, it's rainy, and dreary, but it is amazing. It's beautiful, and makes you feel cozy inside your home. when you get things accomplished, and in order the way you want/need them.  Planning meals and the week ahead of you.

I've been writing a lot more lately, about experiences, situations, past, present, future and I am amazed how the words have been flowing.  It would seem the more I write, the more I want to write.

Since I've been journaling online for about 13 years now, typing and even writing the words bring to life what has been in my head since I was a child.  I've always been blessed with the understanding that taking the small things into your life and nurturing them, will remind you later in life what is really important.  Sharing that information helps others to experience their power of imagination as well.

I just stopped long enough to make not one, not two but three trinkets.  I love my life!

"Embrace those who love you, and rid yourself of those who bring you down." Melissa Sehgal
Tata for now! <3

A New Moo

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