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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Weekend to Reckon With

This weekend has been a true test of patience, meditation, loss and the capability to deal with everything life has to throw at you. Life will always be challenging in one fashion or another. There will be brief moments of time where it will be fabulous and everything is where it should be, but like my wonderful friend Maggie says "It will never be all rainbows and butterflies". 

Since my niece finally posted about it, I will share here what is going on.  Friday night, I received a call from my son concerning my niece Brandie. She is 18 years old, she's trying to find herself.  Just recently, she found herself pregnant, and upon telling the father, he left her.  Anyone can judge, think you are so much better than everyone else, but, she had decided to give the baby up for adoption. She wanted the best for her baby, but upon her decision, a few "family" members decided that they would call her a whore and make her feel badly for her decision of giving another family the blessings of a child. 

Her heart was heavy for someone judging her instead of recognizing her kind hearted decision.

Friday, Brandie was 22 weeks pregnant, and she lost the baby. Regardless of how one loses their baby, it makes the soul ache from the loss. I love her very much, I support her and her decisions and I will send her healing and forgiveness for her heart.

Here on the home front, my Stepfather Randy is not doing so well.  Today I got the news that he's doing worse in the hospital.  While, I am worried about him, I am worried about my mother as well. She's going non-stop trying to help him while she lives a good hour and a half to two hours drive (depending on traffic) to the hospital. She's not eating, barely sleeping and I'm just worried. I'm going to try and take a few days off work so that I can help with her laundry, her cats, her house cleaning.  It's the least I can do.

I am very lucky to have the family and the friends that I do.  They have helped me more the last two days than they will even realize. I love them, and while I am doing so well, and in very good spirits, I still am taking the time to send healing and love to those that need it. 

Moo <3

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