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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Increase in Confidence

I believe, since people shared with me all day yesterday, my confidence is so much more intact. I had not lost my self esteem, just .. set it aside I guess. 

On a fresh note.. this weekend after the Charity event, Hubby and I will be totally re-organizing the craft room (I GET SHELVES AND CUBBIES!) and getting rid of a lot of things we've been holding onto for some reason.  We are looking into buy a twin size bed for Monica, with room for the crib and a dresser in the back room, which gives them not only privacy but also the room is a bit bigger. This will give Monica a place to go while I spoil and love on my grandson until he's like AARRGGH.. although, it has been really fun Skyping with them.

He leans forward to see Grandma and Grandpa and then laughs and giggles.  I miss that boy.  I miss my kids. They are doing so well, and will be doing even better pretty soon. Here's a beautiful photo of them!

Beautiful and happy, married and now with our last name. 

So, we're going to paint the room, baby proof the house and get ready to have them here with us for a while.  Then it's off for them to live their own lives, closer than they were to us, but becoming responsible and adults with jobs and college.  I'm so proud!

A New Moo

**Edit.. PS-Greg..HAHAH Thank you for the laugh! Lavern & Stalin.. Love it!

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